9550 Riverside Drive East

Windsor Ontario Canada



“The Shake” performs with an energy that gets their audience dancing!

With Christina Stein on vocals and Chuck FitzGerald on guitar/vocals, this duo has the talent and energy to win over even the most morbid party pooper!  No one will escape the infectious “let’s party” atmosphere this group sets from the first minute they hit the stage.


As the longest running musical act on Lilly’s roster, “Green•Eyed Soul”

continues to impress audiences with premier performances of the best in Adult Contemporary dance and listening music.  Featuring John Theaker on vocals/keyboards/ sax and either Fallon Deluca or Melissa Danese on vocals and percussion, GES delivers impeccable interpretations of hit Standards, Soul, R&B, and Top 40 songs.

www.greeneyedsoulmusic.com            www.johntheaker.com

    Open 7 days a week

Mon-Sat 11:00am - Close

Sundays   9:00am - Close

This is what they call the “real deal”.  “Stiletto Fire” is a big musical act that plays major venues and Casinos with their full 5 to 8 piece band.  At Lilly’s, the group works as a duo with phenomenal female vocalist Kerri Brown and cruise ship polished guitar/vocalist Jeff Fab.  SF’s focus is on entertaining audiences with world class music and an impressive light and stage show.

This must see act is Lilly’s newest addition to their entertainment roster.

Inspired by the music and memories of the 80s, as well as paying homage to the setlist of their band of that time; “Barrelhouse”, “DOUBLE BARREL”  have managed to revive the pop rock sound of an era.  An era of week long filled nightclubs and packed dance floors, of big hair, mullets, and memorable music.  Band members John Theaker and Vic Bortolon combine pedigrees and countless years of professional experience to deliver impeccable performances of the decade’s most popular songs.  

From the slick sound of Huey Lewis, to the soul of MJ and the rock of ZZ  Top,  we invite you join “DOUBLE BARREL” as we relive the wonderful music and memories of the fabulous 80s!